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Dipsy is the green Teletubby and the second talest with 2. He has an antenna in the shape of a dipstick being the origin to his name. His skin is darker then the other Teletubbies. Dipsy is the most lazy out of the four Teletubbies. He prefers to be alone rather then being with his friends.

After losting his hat in Slendytubbies, his lazyness has passed his limits. There's not much to say about Dipsy in the TV series. He is just like the others, but he is more lazy and selfhies then the others. Dipsy can be found in the Homescope Teletubbies House decapitaded. His head is on top of the Slider and the body is on the ground. Some people belived that the Dead Body of Dipsy that was in the house was just a fake one and the real one was still alive.

slendytubbies 2d wiki

Other's belived that Dipsy cometed suicide because of the fear. However Dipsy also appears as an enemy in this game. Monster Dipsy was added around the 1. He is tall and has really big teeth. He attacks the player with his mouth. He can be found in the map "Teletubbies Lake".

Slendytubbies 2D

He is inspired on the Regenerador from Resident Evil 4. Chainsaw Dipsy was added in the 2. He is just like normal Dipsy, however he is headless and he attacks the player with a chainsaw. He can be found in the map "Teletubbies Secret Center".

This is a spin-off game about Dipsy, he has to kill Teletubbies in the style of Ninja Fruit. Dipsy is the only character in the Slendytubbies saga that has is own game. Curious, is that the dead body of Dipsy cannot be found in Slendytubbies 2D for some reason. Dipsy is found sitting in the Slider. He says that he lost his hat, wich is with the Guardian at the moment.

At the night time Dipsy refuses to search Tinky-Winky with his friends.

When Po is being chased by Tinky-Winky, Dipsy was already dead. We don't know who or what caused Dipsy's death, Tinky-Winky problably came back to the Homescope and killed Dipsy while Po and Laa-Laa were searching for him.

Dipsy doesn't appear in this chapter, however, his dead body cannot be found in the Homescope.Make sure to check the rules. If you want to train creating pages, go to this wiki. Welcome to the Slendytubbies OC remake wiki! Currently with 26 active contributors, 1, files, articles, and you can help contribute! This wiki also supports role-playing. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to the Wiki! If you need any help or have any questions, be sure to contact the owner or an admin!!

Use this for lore reference! Latest activity Talk:Black Tubbie new comment by Maker-Mosify 1 hour ago Comment : I didn't realize that was a picture of another teletubby, it's honestly a little hard to tell since it was the first picture I saw.

Talk:Black Tubbie new comment by Thekeeper54 4 hours ago Comment : I understand, but I would like to ask you to share your thoughts and questions about the OC named "Black"?

Wanna be innnnn it or something Offline You'll find me on the place where you put that in to send me a Summary : Blog post created or updated. Added category : Blog posts. Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Add one below! Categories :. I didn't realize that was a picture of another teletubby, it's honestly a little hard to tell since it was the first picture I saw.

I understand, but I would like to ask you to share your thoughts and questions about the OC named "Black"?

Slendytubbies II

I'm making a story called Voidwork!Slendytubbies 2D is a two-dimensional pixelated remake of the Slendytubbies series. Play Slendytubbies like never before with brand new maps and monsters! Slendytubbies 2D is a game that plays similarly to Slendytubbies II.

It features a singleplayer mode along with a Multiplayer option with two gamemodes, and customizable games with a variable amount of custards and a variety of maps to choose from. Several characters had been first introduced in this game, to be brought back in Slendytubbies IIIin a 3D form. On April 2,there was a major update to the game, featuring an improved game creation menu and lobby, as well as more game options and 4 additional maps with new monsters. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Yes Slendytubbies 2D is a two-dimensional pixelated remake of the Slendytubbies series. Contents [ show ]. Slendytubbies 2D Main Menu Bug. Leevi Squire. Im having a problem with Slendytubbies 2D when i click on Multiplayer it connects me to the Europe lobby instead of letting me select US or Eur You can find another download link on the main page of this wiki, if you want to know a link to it.

Categories :. Slendytubbies Saga. Major Games. Minor Games.Ink Tubbie has no eyes, and he has six tentacle like arms. He has a cross for an antenna, and he is very skinny. On some occasions, when he is spotted, he will disappear into a puddle of ink.

slendytubbies 2d wiki

Ink Tubbie is mischievous, cruel, and mean. But, the ironic thing is that he hates sinners. When he finds a victim, he will interrupt their TV station with a message from him telling them of their past sins. The victim is forced to surrender, or else they will be drowned in ink. Ink Tubbie is one of the threats of Volcanic Land, along with Allignment.

He will wander around the custards, but he occasionally just stands around the rocks and lava. The Ink Tubbie was created by an Infected Teletubbie. After the tubbie had eaten an Infected Custard, the tubbie then went on to draw a random tubbie for no reason.

Nightmare Tubbie

When he was done drawing the tubbie, he did something very mysterious. After the Machine was done with routine, a black, inky tubbie came out of it. It turns out that the tubbie had already been infected. The tubbie then killed the creator, and then the tubbie witnessed the horrible acts of Shadow Tubbie. Ever since then, there have been stories of the Ink Tubbie roaming empty halls, stalking innocent tubbies, especially Shadow Tubbie. It is also the year of when he started to hate on Shadow Tubbie.

This is also the year of when Ink Tubbie became friends with Nightmare Tubbie. He then eventually evolved into Omega Ink Tubbie. At the start ofInk Tubbie was created a second time, this time, though, way more powerful than the first Ink Tubbie.

He eventually towered over Shadow Tubbie. Ink Tubbie will appear as a heroic antagonist in the comic. He will also appear as a part time protagonist. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Slendytubbies is a series of horror games based on the popular horror game Slender and the television show Teletubbies.

slendytubbies 2d wiki

Currently, there are three main series games and three spinoff games. This wiki is meant to be a comprehensive compilation of all official Slendytubbies info with a minimum amount of bias and opinion. If you have managed to stumble upon this place, please feel free to help out by correcting grammar and spelling mistakes and contributing interesting facts and info of your own.

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Bureaucrats Edit Tuparman Categories :. These are the rules for the wiki. This is a list of staff members on this wiki. Popups are screens that randomly appear on screen in Slendytubbies and Slendytubbies II. LocationsSlendytubbies III.There will be four game modes. After updates, There are new three modes.

Survival Mode is a zombie survival game mode where the player s must survive against 10 waves of Pikmin and Mini-Bosses using the weapons they buy. Everyone starts off with a Pistol and a Knife. After 9 waves are defeated, the tenth wave will activate. In this wave, there will be a boss that must be defeated to win. The boss is usually the enemy of the Collection Mode of the map chosen to play on.

In this game mode, the creator of the room controls the monster while the other players have to run away and collect the Steam Cake Parts.

If the creator of the room leaves, a random player will be chosen to become the monster. In this mode, the player s have to run away from the monster s and collect all the Steam Cake Parts. In this mode, a random amount of players are chosen to become Pikmin. Their job is to kill all the survivors and infect them too.

The survivors goal is to stay alive until the timer runs out. They only have a Pistol and Shotgun to defend themselves. Deathmatch Mode is a fighting mode where players are thrown into the match with a Pistol and Knife. Sandbox Mode is a freeplay mode where the creator can choose to summon monsters or become one themselves. Other monsters can be summoned as enemies or allies and will fight each other. The host can give themselves and other players weapon. These are Pokemon who were transformed into monsters by Team Rocket and killed the trio as well.

Tank Evan is based off of Tinky Tank from the Slendytubbies series. Announcer Speaker Box is based off of Iron Giant. MePhone6 is base off of Ironhide from Transformers Movies. MePhone7 is based off of Bumblebee from Transformers Prime. MePad is based off of character reptile from the Unity Asset Store. Connor is based off of the White Scythe from Slendytubbies 3: Part 2. Dennis is based off the Crawler Tubbie from the Slendytubbies series.

Book is based off of the Claw Tubbie from the Slendytubbies series. Woody is based off of the Berserker New Born from Slendytubbies 3.Flag as inappropriate. Signature: 9fdefd6f20ea36de31dd19c9a5c.

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Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK Play Slendytubbies like never before with brand new maps and monsters! Character Customization: In Slendytubbies 2D you can customize your characters fur color and hat! You can unlock more hats by purchasing them with the custard you find. Game Modes: Singleplayer - Play solo and try to find all custards without being caught by the monsters.

Co-op Multiplayer - Cooperate with friends to find all custards online. Versus Multiplayer - Play against your friends as a monster and stop them from collecting all custards. Slendytubbies 2D 1. Slendytubbies 2D Tags Adventure. Slendytubbies 2D HAGO Lite 1. Google Sheets 1. PK XD 0. Scary Teacher 3D 5. Garena Free Fire: Rampage 1. Waze 4. Mobizen 3. Google Meet Granny: Chapter Two 1. Remove Spyware.

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