Molsiv adsorbents 13x 8x12

Zeolites are minerals belonging to the group of aluminosilicates.

molsiv adsorbents 13x 8x12

A special feature of zeolites is the cage-like crystal structure consisting of aluminosilicate units, in which the associated cations are embedded, but are only relatively weakly bound and can therefore easily be replaced.

Inside the zeolite crystals these cavities combine into one- or multidimensional channel systems. Besides naturally occurring zeolites, there is a variety of synthetic zeolites, which respectively display special pore structures by specifically varying the cations of the aluminosilicates. Most common are the A type zeolites or the large-pore X type zeolites. While zeolite A has only one size pore diameter, zeolite X displays a certain, albeit narrow pore size distribution.

In technical applications zeolites are used as molecular sieves and because of their special structure serve as selective adsorbents for the processing of substance mixtures. Traditionally they are used, for example, to remove polar substances such as water or polarisable substances such as carbon dioxide from gases or liquids and to separate substance mixtures, e. In addition to the powder products, which are completely free of binding agents, zeolites are also used as a paste for use in native oils.

Geometric shapes such as spheres, rods, or more complex shapes are typically produced by a combination of zeolite powders with special binding agents. A rather special type is represented by hydrophobic zeolites, which can predominantly adsorb non-polar molecules. Such types can be successfully used for odour removal or for the removal of solvents from exhaust air streams for example.

Compared to the traditionally used activated carbons these zeolites are characterised by their ease of regeneration, long service life and also by their chemical inertness and the associated non-flammability. On request, we will gladly send you our current product documentation and samples for laboratory tests. Finely dispersed material, without the use of binding agents for direct use in PU, plastics, adhesives or plastic products.

Binding agent-containing granules available in various dimensions with a wide range of applications in the field of drying processes or for gas conditioning. Special-shaped, binding agent-containing granules with optimised profile for lower pressure losses in gas purification. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

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13X Molecular Sieve (8x12 Bead)

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Product type by pore size Products by shape Product recommendation according to application. Cookie settings Close This website uses cookies This website uses cookies to improve user experience.Molecular sieve 13X is can adsorb aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbons.

Molecular sieve 13X is commonly used in removal of mercaptans, removal of CO2 in cryogenic air separation, etc.

Molecular sieve 13X is used in removal of CO2 and moisture from air air pre-purification and other gases. Molecular sieve 13X is used in removal of mercaptans and hydrpogen sulphide from hydrocarbon liquid streams such as LPG, butane, propane etc.

Keep 13X Molecular Sieve in an air tight container until ready for use to avoid unintended moisture adsorption.

molsiv adsorbents 13x 8x12

Molecular sieve 13X can also be regnerated by lowering the pressure in the case of pressure swing processes PSA. The outlet concentrations on a pressure swing process will depend on the gas present, and on the conditions of the process. All Right Resrrved Technical Support: coverweb.

Molecular Sieve 13X Molecular Sieve 13X is an alkali metal aluminosilicate; it is the sodium form of the type X crystal structure. It adsorbs molecules with effective diameters small than 10 angstrom 1 nm.

Send E-mail get price. Molecular sieve 13X is used in removal of CO2 and moisture from air air pre-purification and other gases 2. Molecular sieve 13X is used in separation of enriched oxygen from air 3. Molecular sieve 13X is used in removal of mercaptans and hydrpogen sulphide from hydrocarbon liquid streams such as LPG, butane, propane etc 4. Molecular sieve 13X is used in removal of n-chained compositions from aromatics Storage: Keep 13X Molecular Sieve in an air tight container until ready for use to avoid unintended moisture adsorption.

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UOP molecular sieve

Ready to Ship. Contact Supplier. Molsiv 5A molecular sieve adsorbent for ammonia refrigeration compressor system. Molsiv 3a ethanol adsorbent 4x8mesh 8x12mesh drying water.

Molsive adsorbents 3a 4a 5a 13x. Molsiv 3A adsorbent zeolite molecular sieve desiccant for dry alcohol. Alkali metal alumino silicate potassium KA type 3a molsiv adsorbent for chemical industry.

Q : Can you send free sample 9 A : We can send free sample for testing if you need, but Express cost should be your side. Molecular sieve activated powder 5A adsorbent for coating.

molsiv adsorbents 13x 8x12

Adsorbent 13X zeolite molecular sieves with pellet for feeding gas purification. Mol sieve 3A zeolite desiccant adsorbent for insulated double glass curtain wall dehydration. Zeolite extruded desiccant molecular sieve 3A pellet adsorbent for ethanol distillation. Molecular sieve XH-7 refrigerants drying molsiv suitable for refrigerant Ra.

Molsiv adsorbents insulated glass 3A molecular sieve desiccant for window glass moisture absorber. Adsorbent molecular sieve 13X APG molsiv catalyst carrier. Double glazing desiccant super dry desiccant zeolite 3A molecular sieve for oxygen concentrator. Molecular sieve 3A has an effective pore opening of about 3 angstroms, it absorbs molecule with effective diameters smaller than approximately 3 angstroms. Reactivation 1.Simply fill in your name and email address below and click 'Send To My Email' to get your data sheet emailed to you.

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molsiv adsorbents

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Terms Privacy.It has demonstrated the ability to provide long service life and predictable, economical dehydration service. It is also used for removing H2S and CO2 from natural gas. UI is a unique 4A type molecular sieve recommended for dehydration of water-saturated natural gas and in systems where liquid carryover of water, hydrocarbons and treating chemicals is of concern.

In this type of service, UI adsorbent has demonstrated superior service life and more economical dehydration than other products typically used for natural gas drying.

CHEMXIN Molecular Sieve Automatic Production Line

The special formulation of UI molecular sieve resists coking from heavy hydrocarbons and treating chemicals, retains high water capacity and resists particle breakup caused by liquid carryover and reflux. UI is used extensively in Natural Gas dehydrators around the globe. It was specifically developed by UOP to remove low levels of mercury from process streams, such as natural gas and natural gas liquids. In existing or under-designed units, APG-III can be used to increase throughput in the existing vessels and within the pressure drop constraints of the design.

Lower operating costs and longer adsorbent life are achievable for both new and existing units. A is a spherical Activated Alumina that has a high surface area, adsorption capacity, and abrasion resistance. A Activated Alumina is used as a dessicant, or drying agent for industrial liquids and gases, such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. CLR adsorbent is the preferred product for removing trace HCl from Olefin-containing hydrocarbon streams. CLR adsorbent provides the highest chloride capacity in commercial service, while minimizing green oil and organic chloride formation.

GBHPS is a high capacity non-regenerative spherical metal sulphide adsorbent designed to remove mercury from gas feed streams. Mercury from the stream is tightly bound to the adsorbent as it flows through the bed. GBHPS offers. GB is a high capacity non-regenerative spherical metal oxide adsorbent designed for the removal of trace sulphur compounds.

GB is designed to remove H2S and other reactive sulphur species from low molecular weight hydrocarbon streams. GB is a high capacity non-regenerative specialty spherical adsorbent designed to adsorb arsine and phosphine from hydrocarbons. GB reduces arsine and phosphine to non detectable concentrations in both liquid and vapour hydrocarbon streams. Leading supplier of Ferrosilicon to the Mining industry. Specialty supplier of Minerals, Metals and Chemicals to Industry.

molsiv adsorbents 13x 8x12

Adsorbents UOP. Web Design by Titan Web. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Preferred adsorbent for commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams cracked Gas, propylene, butylene and acetylene Dries polar liquids such as methanol and ethanol Static dessicant in household refrigeration systems. Adsorbent for static dehydration in a closed gas or liquid system. Used in packaging of drugs, electronic components and perishable chemicals.

Water scavenger, paint and plastic systems. Used commercially in drying saturated hydrocarbon streams. Pressure swing purification of hydrogen. Used commercially for general gas drying, air plant feed purification simultaneous removal of H2O and CO2and liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas sweetening H2S and mercaptans removal.It is very difficult to remove the amount of water in alcohol using any straightforward and simple distillation process.

In PGthe soft X-ray RGS spectra show a complex of several highly blue shifted absorption lines over a wide range of ionisation and reveal outflowing components with velocities between 0. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of vernie.

VSA MOLSIV adsorbent is an advanced lithium-exchanged molecular sieve, developed for use in systems employing a vacuum pressure swing cycle for the production of oxygen and nitrogen. These cations can be exchanged to fine-tune the pore size or the adsorption characteristics. Get buyers and importers of HS code from accross worldwide countries with complete contact details including address, email and phone number. The optimized geometry shown in Figure 3 is in good agreement with the X-ray structures of 1-Li and 2-Li; 0.

Type Form Nominal Size in. TRiiSO is an authorized UOP distributor representing the Molsiv brand of molecular sieves to polyurethane formulators as moisture scavengers. Welcome to SKF. This sieve-like selectivity, based on molecular size, plus a selec-table preference for polar or polarizable molecules, gives Molecular Sieves an extremely.

Molsiv Adsorbents 13X Thermal conductivity of the adsorbent was also measured. Disposal considerations. Type 13X molecular sieve can also adsorb molecules such as aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbons, which have large critical diameters.

Activated alumina characteristics. Magnetoadsorbents 4 of the present invention further increase the efficiency of the absorption cycle by combining materials with functions including:catalyst, buoyancy, suspension, magnetic heating, and sinking in liquid.

Delta Adsorbents specializes in desiccant that provides humidity control for protecting machinery, products, and industrial processes from moisture.

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Keep in a dry place. Catalytic converters for aircraft cabins and fuel inerting. Material safety data sheet thu make-up ink this material safety data sheet conforms to the requirements of ansi z Thank you for visiting our official website!

MolsivCN Adsorbent Limited, with nearly 30 years history, is one of earlist Chinese manufacturer and supplier specializing in industrial adsorbents such as Zeolite Molecular Sieves ZMSactivated alumina ball, silica gel, ceramic ball and some other products. Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment. Free essays, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book reports, term papers, history, science, politics. Attention To avoid damp and pre-adsorption of organic before running, or must to be reactivated.

Chennai Air Cargo. A beverage making machine may employ a mixing chamber to mix a beverage medium with a precursor liquid, such as carbonated water.

ZSM 13X Molsiv. A wide variety of molsiv adsorbents options are available to you, such as classification, usage, and type. Molsick rd seymour ct. Abstract: A composition is capable of curing via condensation reaction. If your item is received in a different condition than stated DOA, not working properly etc.

Cross-reference to related applications.The adsorbents, molecular sieve desiccants are pelleted, beaded and powdered material, made from three dimensional materials: microporous materials including zeolite, activated carbon, and clay desiccantsmacroporous material including zeolite and silica gel and mesoporous material including silicon dioxide.

Using this interconnecting network molecular sieve is completed. The small molecules are efficient to pass thought the pores are absorbed and when activated they becomes a powerful adsorbents in a wide range of operating conditions with a strong absorption ability with water, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other polar molecules. ISO certified personalized manufacturer of molecular sieves - 3a, 4a, 5a and 13x products which can be used in different industries based on their adsorbent requirements.

The adsorbent molecular sieve offers a variety of adsorption applications based on molecular shape and size, its crystal structure make the high adsorption capacity then other adsorption systems.

Hence, this desiccant is able to remove many industrial and natural gases or liquid impurities. Order molecular sieves online by visiting our online store today or call our customer services team today. Sorbead India is the manufacturer and supplier of all types of molecular sieve adsorbent throughout India and export to the majority of countries across the globe.

Molecular sieve is available in Beads and extruded pallets form in various sizes. Email: sales sorbeadindia. Toggle navigation. Molecular Sieves. Drying of propylene, butadiene and acetylene. Available in beads, pellets and powder foam. Molecular Sieve 5A Pore Diameter of 5 Angstrom Removal of mercaptans, carbon dioxide and H2S from natural gas, normal paraffin separation of cyclic and branched chain hydrocarbons.

Available in beads and pellets foam. Career Contact Us Enquiry Sitemap.

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