Is200 intake mod

I have received numerous requests for a DIY on my snorkel mod that I detailed in the intelligent modification series from the IS community. In effect, it adds additional "ram air" on the highway. Using a sealed airbox is ideal in any car that will be going through gears frequently street car, road racing car. The reason is that even if it doesn't produce the highest hp, which sometimes it does, is that transient response is better with an airbox than with an open element air filter.

When the throttle closes between shifts for example, the air that was quickly rushing in hits a wall and is forced back down the intake system. In a sealed system, the air actually bounces back and helps ram more air in when the throttle is re-opened. In a open air filter system, the air is lost to the atmosphere and thus power just after a shift is harmed. There are other reasons, but the best "proof" of this is that even the hardcore no-creature comfort exotic cars like the Ferrari Enzo DO NOT use open element air filters, but still - air boxes.

The factory air box generates more and more air pressure as the car speeds up, by replacing the airbox with a "open element" conic filter, you lose that benefit completely. Just pointing the snorkel at it just supplies it with the outside air, not the pressure. As a bonus, it's almost impossible to detect, it adds very little if any noise AND you get to use power tools As a note, the only reason I didn't use a bigger pipe for the snorkel is there's no room.

There's no room to install a snorkel anywhere else under, beside, etc due to the way the engine bay is built. If you used a terrible filtering, horribly flowing HKS you could fit a better snorkel, but the tradeoffs would be too high. Use a factory air filter for BEST results, period. Remove air box by removing 10mm bolts and losening hose clamp with screw driver. The JoeZ -does- reduce restriction, so I kept mine but this snorkel mod does more in my testing. Use a screw driver to loosen the clamps on the intake, carefully lift the air box and disconnect the solenoid and vacuum hoses on the driver side of the airbox on the bottom.

I believe the shopvac hose I used was 2" throughout and 2. I chose to put the big end going into the box. Route it through the hole as shown beside the passenger side headlight. It will be "crimped" a bit. While that's not ideal, my testing still shows that the net result is a good one.

I ran mine down and zip tied it to the lower grille area.

is200 intake mod

I used a black zip tie so it'd blend in. Bonus: If you happen to have a velocity stack laying around or something like that, you might want to attach one here. You can make your own "flared" entry by forcing a piece of straight plastic pipe or something over a bowl or flower pot.I'm relatively new to the forum, been doing a bit of reading about intake pulse tuning and the like, and I was looking at the stock IS intake scoop.

The front of it appears to split into two, one path favouring the intake resonator tee'd onto the side of the intake. I was wondering if anyone had taken the time to remove the split in the intake, and block off the two resonator boxes joining onto the intake - I know on a particular model of subaru that had a resonator in the front guard by removing the resonator and changing the intake to a straight piece of pipe the time was reduced from 6.

You can read about it in '21st Century Performance' by Julian Edgar. This isn't the case on the is The split intake is more for structural rigidity if the divider wasnt there, the compressive strength would be compromised.

The part that Mikecox is talking about I think is the air intake for the standard airbox. The bit that extends to the front grille. Just on that point that you mention about the standard intake manifold Elliot, I also heard a rumour Dave was looking at that problem.

Well It really isn't a problem unless your are running high boost on a turbo'd IS. I wouldn't be sure it would hold out to well under high boost as it is plastic. And it is made from very hard but brittle plastic so could be easily cracked. I wouldn't have any idea about what kind of pressure would be needed to damage it but I also wouldn't be convinced that the IS intake manifold is the most flow friendly manifold around.

I have had mine off and it looked fairly detailed and complicated etc. I would guess that a much simpler custom designed manifold would be better for turbo'd engines and of course it would need to be steel or alloy etc for high boost. You can post now and register later.

The Lexus IS200t could be more fun than we realized!

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted April 11, Hey all, I'm relatively new to the forum, been doing a bit of reading about intake pulse tuning and the like, and I was looking at the stock IS intake scoop. Anyone's thoughts are welcome.

Cheers, Mike. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I believe Mat removed it when he had the Monster supercharged. Hmmm interesting. I have seen that prolex are looking into it. Anyway off topic there Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Due to its lack luster power, the IS simply fell out of favor from the tuning scene.

S+ Dedicated Storage Intake

The only thing keeping it in the hands of enthusiasts in the previous generation was the availability of a 6 speed manual gear box. With the 3rd generation only having the option of an automatic there seemed to be almost no reason for enthusiasts to purchase the IS However, Lexus has now joined the other luxury brands in utilizing small displacement forced induction motors for entry level models.

Enter the new ISt. While on paper the new 2. We have seen that the BMW i motor can produce over whp around HP with some tuning and basic bolt-ons. If you can imagine that bigger gains are possible this could mean that the ISt could easily out power the IS and still end up costing about the same, or maybe even less with cheaper insurance costs.

What we do know about the motor is we are dealing with a compression ratio perfect for forced induction with direct injection engine with a square While the 8AR is fully aluminum we have seen all aluminum Toyota motors handle modest forced induction with ease. We hope to take a closer look at ISt in the near future and see what we can do with it. Email Not published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Home The Lexus ISt could be more fun than we realized! Mar 5, 0. Logging In Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook.Lexus established themselves as a luxury car maker and even borrowed engines from some impressive sources, such as the Toyota Supra engine. This makes the rear wheel drive Lexus platform a great tuning project base to work from. Find the best Lexus mods, performance parts and upgrade tips from our common sense tuning guides.

We are currently one of the fastest growing car tuning clubs around and certainly rank as one of the friendliest Lexus clubs around. Avoid the common problems and faults Lexus suffer from by reading our tips and guides which are frequently updated as new parts are released. Please join our very friendly Lexus forums and swap engine tuning ideas with like minded Lexus owners in the engine tuning forums. Lexus GS Tuning The GS is frequently overlooked as a performance car, probably because of the badge and fact it is a saloon but with the excellent range of engines on offer it is a really good candidate for a car tuning project.

If you do some serious weight reduction you will literally transform the standard car into something quite nippy and agile. Then if you start modding it you can end up with something very special indeed.

Weight reduction should obviously be a priority if you want to take the car to the maximum. The Lexus IS is a great project car if you want a track day car, providing you are willing to put in the workshop hours to achieve this.

As they are rear wheel drive they also make great drift cars. Our members have some interesting IS projects under way in our forums including engine swaps and the usual array of tuning modifications. The IS has been aimed at the executive market and is very comfortable to drive with lots of gadgets installed.

However the chassis is superb and is just crying out for a few simple mods. The days of fiddling around in the engine bay with a spanner to make the car go faster are numbered. This actually means you get better power, a cleaner burn and more reliable engine but it does not mean the end of tuning.

As a rule the turbo engines are stronger than the NASP equivalents and are able to handle substantial power gains. The key thing in a turbo engine is the flow rate that can be generated and this depends largely on the internal profiles of the impellers inside the turbo. Join our forum today and benefit from overposts on tuning styling and friendly car banter.

You will also have full access to the modifed car gallery, project car updates and exclusive member only areas.Offering phenomenal style and driving performance right off of the assembly line, Lexus models deliver all the flair and driving features that most drivers want, but for those who enjoy highly customized cars, even the most luxurious Lexus trim packages and performance specifications can leave something to be desired. This is why Enjuku Racing offers a great selection of aftermarket Lexus performance parts.

In the beginning, our company specialized in supplying aftermarket performance parts for Nissan models, but we have since expanded our focus to include several other makes, including Lexus. We currently offer a wide variety of Lexus performance parts for the following Lexus models, among others.

Simply put, we are committed to helping you create the Lexus driving machine of your dreams, a vehicle that features the aesthetics and performance quality you have always wanted in the car. Many tuners who use our Lexus parts know precisely what they want when they visit our online store, but we also serve newcomers to tuner culture, who could use a bit of advice about how to approach their aftermarket customization project.

The sooner you start customizing your Lexus, the sooner you will drive the car of your dreams. Because aftermarket vehicle customizations are often performed in phases, it is never too early to start optimizing the vehicle with our Lexus performance parts. For more information about our inventory of products for Lexus models, or to receive advice on customization, call us today ator refer to the contact page on our website.

We look forward to assisting you! Shop by price. Best Sellers in this Category.

is200 intake mod

Learn More Compare. Current Stock:. Place Your Order Today The sooner you start customizing your Lexus, the sooner you will drive the car of your dreams.Clean, unrestricted air is vital to the performance of a diesel engine.

Nobody understands this better than those who operate diesel equipment in the harshest environments. Military, earth moving No Salesmen, Just Enthusiasts Reviews may be edited for spelling or grammar inaccuracies and those containing profanity will be removed. Probably a 1.

There is the option for drilling a hole in the side for extra airflow into the air cleaner.

Acceleration test with ACIS System Disabled

This is a good aircleaner for somebody looking to upgrade the factory air box. All of the aftermarket air cleaners we sell share the same quality of build and they all work great! This will allow the air box to pull air from the inner fender, rather then just the front grill area. Sometimes the springs get worn out in the reminders. You might make sure it is not clogged or replace it.

This will not work on E-series. F-series pickups only. No this would be specific for the applications. There is no listed Micron Rating for that filter.

is200 intake mod

We do not, it is a Ford Part you might be able to get one from the dealer. Only thing I could get you is the complete intake.

This requires a few extra parts. Quantity: 0. Search Cart 0. Starting At. Write A Review. Will This Fit Your Rig? Add To Cart Wish List.

Lexus Tuning Tips and Modifications

Description Clean, unrestricted air is vital to the performance of a diesel engine. Description Videos Blog Posts. Military, earth moving, and agricultural applications rely on state-of-the-art technology to deliver optimal performance. Ford is the first to bring this off-highway technology to the diesel pickup truck market. The new Motorcraft 7. In fact, the 7. Blog Posts. Recommended Products.

Expect an answer within the next 48 hours.Holding 'E' will bring up an options window where the user can enable dino touch deposit. Simply walking into the unit while riding a dino will deposit all eligible items into nearby dedicated storage chests. These upgrades both require 1 additional artifact of any variant. Downgrading is an option if you choose to, but the artifact used to upgrade is not refunded. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch.

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is200 intake mod

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